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3 people accused of murdering Ohio woman appear in Harrison County court

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Elizabeth Jenkins and Daniel Amsler Elizabeth Jenkins and Daniel Amsler
Warren Hall Warren Hall

Three people accused of murdering an Ohio woman appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Thursday.

Elizabeth Jenkins, Daniel Amsler, and Warren Hall are charged with murder and conspiracy in the death of Keyairy Wilson. The trio allegedly discussed robbing Wilson but also ended up shooting her and disposing of her body in a wooded area in Barbour County, according to Clarksburg Police. 

Jenkins, Amsler, and Hall appeared in front of Judge James Matish Thursday, along with each of their attorneys. Their attorneys asked Matish to exclude their initial interviews with police from the trial, in which they each admitted their involvement in the murder, due to the fact that they were on drugs and, therefore, unable to provide factual statements.

Jenkins testified that she had been up for 14 days on methamphetamine prior to her initial interview with police. She said prior to the interview, they had smoked methamphetamine and crack, taken pills, and drank alcohol.

Jenkins also testified that she accidentally shot Wilson after an argument about cigarettes because she didn't know the gun's safety was off.

After hearing recordings of their initial statements, Matish decided that the interviews with police would be admitted as evidence because all three individuals sounded coherent and remembered specific details.

A motion was also filed Thursday to separate Amsler's trial from Jenkins' and Hall's. That motion will be ruled on at a later date.

Harrison County Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Laura Pickens requested a continuance of the trial, and all three defense attorneys agreed. Jenkins, Amsler, and Hall also signed agreements Thursday in regard to the trial being continued to the January term of court. 

The tentative date for the trial is in March.

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