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Bridgeport Native: 'I Was Lucky to Come Out Alive' of Las Vegas Shooting

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A Bridgeport native says he's lucky to be alive after the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. He was there, at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, where 59 people lost their lives.

"It was a lottery, and I was lucky to come out. If I didn't draw the right card, and I didn't go the right route, I wouldn't be here," said Kash Kiefer.

For Kiefer, a night that was supposed to be filled with country music and good times started off just as he imagined.

"The scene that was there was just amazing," said Kiefer.

He took a video when Jason Aldean hit the stage, even panning over to the nearby Mandalay Bay with his camera. But just a few moments later - the unthinkable happened.

"I remember hearing what we thought were fireworks. It was like 'Pop. Pop.' The music still went on for a good ten seconds, but then you started hearing rapid fire - pop pop pop pop," said Kiefer.

Then...utter chaos ensued.

"I see people starting to run, and they're getting shot and falling to the ground. Music shuts off, Jason Aldean runs off the stage, and I told my friend, 'We need to get out of here," said Kiefer.

They temporarily sought refuge in a VIP bar area, then made a beeline for the exit. But for reasons that Kiefer says he'll never know, he and his friend did get out without getting shot.  For Kiefer, it's a flood of emotions that he's still trying to process.

"For me to experience it, to see literally within 10 feet of me, people getting killed. I've gone through where I thought I was okay to where I just broke down at one point. I'm just trying to be as positive as can be," said Kiefer.
One positive is the outpouring of support from both his Las Vegas and Bridgeport communities.

"I'm going to see a fellow Bridgeportian right now - Dr. Chris Robey - one of my good friends, a chiropractor - a fellow Bridgeport man, helping me out," said Kiefer.

That support is what's getting him through, as he - and the rest of the nation - struggle to find answers.

"I don't know why I took the route that I took. I'm glad I did, at the exact time I did. I could have taken the same route, two seconds later, and wouldn't be here to tell this story," said Kiefer.

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