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Morgantown Reinforces Rules for Landlords and Tenants

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The City of Morgantown’s Code Enforcement Department has been making sure both landlords and tenants know their responsibilities for maintaining property in the city.

The department held a conference on Wednesday afternoon to discuss a variety of topics that are in the Morgantown Municipal Code and the International Property Maintenance Code.

“With the students coming back we have a lot of trash, debris, litter, high grass, high weeds, nobody’s taking care of it,” said Director of Code Enforcement Michael Stone. “We want to try to get in front of this and let the landlords and tenants know their responsibly.”

The conference also discussed graffiti smoke detectors and cleaning sidewalks during winter, which is the landlord’s responsibility.

“Grass and high weeds, if it’s in the lease that the tenant’s responsibly then it’s gonna be them,” explained Stone.  “Litter, if it’s on the property it’s the property owner’s responsibility. If that property is occupied by a student or regular townspeople and the landlord is renting it’s their responsibility. It doesn’t matter who put it there.” 

Stone said it is important to keep everyone informed so citations are not issued.

“We have two full time compliance officers that roam the city looking for this,” Stone said. “We have five housing inspectors that we are required to do housing inspections on all rental units once every three years and we have over 9,000 rental units so we’re out there everyday.”

Any landlords or tenants with questions can come to the Code Enforcement Office inside City Hall on Spruce Street or give them a call at 304-284-7401. 

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