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Test It Tuesday: Simply Fit Board

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DISCLOSURE: Test it Tuesday stories are the thoughts of WBOY anchor/reporter Lauren Talotta.

If you're looking to switch up your workout while having a little fun, this week's Test It Tuesday product could be the newest addition to your gym routine! The Simply Fit Board claims to strengthen your core and improve balance, all while having a blast! But is this new "twist" on fitness a "hero" or a "zero"?

Joining us today is Ashley Aragona from WV Fitness, who teaches a myriad of classes.

"I do. I teach everything from cardio, strength training, dance base, classes with drumsticks, aqua - a multitude of classes," said Aragona.

"We just watched the video for the 'Simply Fit.' What are your initial impressions of the product?" I asked.

"A lot of times, it's gimmicky things like this. This was actually - there was more to it than I thought. I'm really intrigued and want to see more," said Aragona.

So without further adieu, Aragona and I gave it a twist, along with WBOY anchor/reporter Alex Hines and personal trainer Nolan Tucci. We used it with dumbbells while going through the twisting motion. Then, many of us used it while in a plank position, working your core and abdomen.

"It was very different than I expected. To me, it's very similar to a bozu ball. It engages your core a lot, a lot of balance as well, and there's a lot you can do," said Tucci.

"I actually liked it more than I thought I would. I'm not a big proponent of 'One Stop Shop' for everything, but I definitely think that it's a really great tool that could be used in combination with your other full-body workout," said Aragona.

We did think that the workouts did seem a little bit repetitious, so one could use it as a supplement to their workout.

"I think it would be a great tool for personal training to mix it up. We're always looking for muscle confusion, and there are some really great exercises with that," said Aragona.

This product costs $39.99. It made its debut on 'Shark Tank' a few years back.

"It's easy, it's small, it's portable, you can put it underneath your couch, underneath your bed, if you're not feeling like going to the gym. It's pretty good. I would," said Aragona.

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