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Morgantown Woman Arrested on Child Neglect Charge

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A Morgantown woman was arrested on a child neglect charge Thursday.

Lindsey Salisbury, 27, allegedly had garbage, dirty dishes, and empty alcohol bottles and cans around her two, young children, according to Morgantown Police Department.

Police said Salisbury had an empty baby formula can full of used hypodermic needles. An unused hypodermic needle and two smoking devices were laying within reach of the children, police said. Salisbury told police she was "not worried about that" when asked about the smoking devices.

When police arrived to Salisbury's home after receiving a call that a 2-year-old female had seized and possibly stopped breathing, they could not wake Salisbury. Officers had to force the bedroom door open after hearing a whimper of a child, according to court documents, and they found Salisbury sitting upright in the bed. An infant boy was strapped in a reclining-type chair, police said, and a toddler-aged female was sleeping in a playpen. The boy was wearing only a diaper and shivering, police said. A fan was blowing in the bedroom window, and it was 50 degrees outside, officers said.

Salisbury told police she and the children were fine and were sleeping while slurring her words, according to court documents. Police said Salisbury continually attempted to interfere with EMS. Police, eventually, had to take her downstairs to prevent her from interfering, and she said she had only drank one beer and that the only drug she had ingested was Suboxone. She said she had a prescription for Suboxone as she pulled a baggy of Suboxone strips from her bra, according to court documents.

Child Protective Services took custody of the children after they were transported to the hospital to be checked. One of the children had diaper rash, according to court documents.

Salisbury is charged with child neglect creating risk of injury.

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