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Randolph County Man Arrested on Sexual Assault Charges

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The Elkins Police Department arrested a man Saturday, August 26 on sexual assault charges.

Charles Gopshes, 30, of Elkins, has been accused of sexually assaulting another man in April 2017.

Elkins Police said they received a handwritten statement from the victim stating that he had been drinking with friends in an apartment in Elkins on Friday, April 28.  The victim wrote in his statement that he woke Saturday morning to realize that he was naked in bed with Gopshes. The victim stated that Gopshes was awake and trying to cuddle him in a sexual manner. The victim later discovered bruises on his lower back and thigh and that his tailbone was sore.

On Saturday, April 29, the officer spoke with victim who stated he had been excessively drinking at Gopshes residence with four other people and smoking marijuana.  The victim told police that he was extremely intoxicated and used the phase "blacked out" to describe his level of intoxication. 

Police searched Gopshes’ residence on April 29 and seized several items including a beer cans, tinfoil pipe with residue and a mattress cover, according to a press release.

A sex crime kit completed at United Hospital Center in Bridgeport indicated the presence of bruising around the victim’s anus and bruising on his left inner thigh, police said.

Gopshes has been charged with second-degree sexual assault.

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