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Test It Tuesday: Robo Twist

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We've all been there: you try to open a jar containing your favorite snack, and the lid is stuck! This week's Test It Tuesday product claims to be the solution to that pickle. 

The Robo Twist claims to be the jar opener of the future, but does the latest "twist" on kitchen gadgets live up to its name?

We tried the product on a variety of different jars of all sizes containing pickles, salsa, fruit spread, and olives.

The Robo Twist requires two AA batteries. Following the directions, we set the jar of pickles on a flat, non-slippery surface, then placed the automatic jar opener on the top of the jar.

It took a few times to get it right, but eventually, we heard the lid pop.

Once we figured out exactly how to use the Robo Twist, it worked like a charm on the salsa jar and the olives. The fruit spread was a little trickier. It took a few tries for the Robo Twist to recognize that it was a smaller jar, but once it did, that lid came off as well.

For the average person, a $20 purchase of an item to simply remove lids from jars might not be the most practical, but for somebody who has rheumatoid arthritis, is elderly, or doesn't have a lot of strength in their wrists, this could be a very solid investment.

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