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Beverly Heritage Days Features Living Through History

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Reenactors from all over the state have gathered in the historic town of Beverly for Beverly Heritage Days, a three-day long event that highlights centuries of history and features the battle of rich mountain re-enactment and much more.

Living Through History is the main feature of heritage days activities and puts an educational spin on historical events.

"We take the holy wood out of it.  We want give an educational program.  We want to basically give a truthful kind of, give what they lived, how they worked, how they did the cannon, how they did the, you know, lifestyle and basically have a true representation of life then,” said John H. Brasuk, a reenactor.

Men and women demonstrate what it was like to live in times from the pioneer, civil war, and World War II periods to offer a fun and in-depth historic experience.  For many, this is a labor of love born from a passion for history.

"We want to keep it alive, and the fact that basically the southern part of the things don't really get represented, and, quite frankly, we want to give a more, you know,” continued Brasuk. “As far as it goes, we wanted to make it to where our side of the story is told as well."

A civil war doctor explained the early and experimental practices of medicine during the time, and cannon demonstrations are stationed just behind the 1841 Randolph County Jail. 

The World War II camps feature American GI and German impressions along with displays, vehicles, and a machine gun demonstration.

Visitors are brought in to talk, learn from, and see how people lived throughout history. they say understanding the shared heritage helps to illuminate the present.

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