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Sanders Denounces Senate Healthcare Bill During Morgantown Rally

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"My question to the lawmakers pushing this bill is a very simple one: how the hell do you sleep at night?"

Cancer survivor Rusty Williams' sentiments echoed the general theme of the afternoon at the Friends of Bernie Sanders' Town Hall in Morgantown: don't pass the Senate healthcare bill.

Williams and others with powerful stories of how the Affordable Care Act benefited them and how the proposed Senate bill would prove fatal, spoke before the Vermont senator took the stage.

Sanders, Vermont (I) focused his remarks on how the proposed Senate healthcare bill would hurt 'ordinary Americans' while providing tax cuts for the wealthy.

"We will not support legislation which cuts healthcare from people in this country who need it the most to give tax breaks to people who need it the least," Sanders said.

He highlighted the bill's projected negative effects including widespread loss of coverage and higher premiums, specifically for the elderly, disabled children, Medicaid, Planned Parenthood and those struggling with addiction.

Sanders also urged West Virginia Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R) to vote no.

"Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is now trying to make deal after deal in order to get the 50 votes that he needs," Sanders said "To Senator Capito please do not fall for that old trick. No small deal will undo the massive damage that this bill will do to our country."

The future of the Senate healthcare bill is still uncertain. Many Republicans, including Capito, said they couldn't vote for the bill in it's most recent form.

Sunday morning Sen. John McCain, Arizona (R,) said he didn't expect the bill to pass, which is exactly what Sanders wants.

Capito's office released this statement in response to Sanders' remarks:

"Senator Capito's position won't be swayed by the Senator from Vermont. Senator Capito will do what is best for West Virginians. In fact Senator Sanders didn't need to travel to West Virginia to try and influence her position. He could meet with her during the several weeks when the Senate is in session to discuss the issue but has never reached out."

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