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UPDATE: Water Has Been Restored to Shinnston Residents

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UPDATE (5/10/17 6 p.m.):

Shinnston's City Manager updated Harrison County Commission Wednesday on the city's ongoing water problems. 

As of 2 a.m. Wednesday morning, water began to flow throughout the system and tanks are beginning to refill. 

For now, residents may experience low pressure, air pockets and discoloration. A boil water advisory is still in effect for the area. 

Officials said the city has received a lot of support during a time of need. 

Shinnston City Manager Amy Wilson said, "We've had help throughout with donations of water. The water tanks, the water buffalos, the water bottles that have been donated. We've also had an anonymous donor for the pipeline that went in.  We're looking at 1200 feet of pipeline that was necessary to hook into our line."

The city has sent off water samples for testing as it monitors the quality of the water. 

Stay with 12 News for the latest updates as information becomes available. 

UPDATE (5/9/17 10:00 p.m.):

Water has been restored to Shinnston residents; however, the water is not drinkable, according to officials from the Shinnston Fire Department.

The water pressure in each household will vary, but officials expect the pressure to increase by Wednesday.

Residents are encouraged to stop by the Shinnston Fire Department to pick up drinking water. 

Stay with 12 News as we continue to update this developing story.

UPDATE (5/9/17 5:00 p.m.):

Shinnston residents are still without water Tuesday.

A tree that fell on the water main in Enterprise late Friday has left more than 2,400 households without water for the fourth day in a row. 

The Shinnston Fire Department has been a water pick up location for residents, but the departed started to run low on supplies Tuesday morning. 

The department said businesses started bringing in cases of water in to help. 

City official said they expect water to be back on Tuesday night, but the water will not be usable at that time. 

Shinnston City Manager Amy Wilson said, "Our tanks are basically empty slash dry so once we fill those up, then residents will start to see a little bit of water. Its not going to be drinkable water. We are going to have to take samples from that. The water has to be in the lines and flowing for 12 hours before we can take samples."

Residents can continue to pick up water at the Shinnston Fire Department.

The City of Shinnston has residents still without water.

More than 2,400 households are without water because of damage to a water main in the Enterprise area of Harrison County.

The damage is on Route 19 at the Marion County line.

Residents have been without water since late Friday night when a tree fell across the water line and severed it.

Shinnston's City Manager said there will be a boil water advisory for an extended period of time after water is restored.

"The concern will be that it's not going to be usable right away. Its still going to have a boil water alert for quite some time. what we need to do is make sure our tanks our full. we will then release the water. Release the alert to allow people that the water has turned but still have a boil alert for them to boil water before using," said Amy Wilson.

Residents without water can pick up bottled water at the Shinnston Fire Department.

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