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Police: Morgantown Woman Takes Money From Man for Fake Child

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A Morgantown woman was arrested Monday after police said she made a man believe he fathered a child and took approximately $4,000 from him.

Brittany Korzun, 28, made a Facebook account for a "Kenzie Dunbar" in or around October and contacted the victim, a Fairmont man, from the account to tell him he had fathered a child named "Hudson Liston," according to West Virginia State Police.

Korzun created another Facebook for a "Brittany Johnson" and contacted the man to tell him that "Kenzie Dunbar" died on Gilboa Road in Marion County and sent him a last will and testament, police said. Korzun, then, told the man that the child was sick and in the hospital and that she, "Brittany Johnson," was now the babysitter for the child.

Korzun sent the man a babysitting agreement from "Brittany Johnson," in which he was to pay her for childcare, police said. Korzun went to the man's house multiple times and received approximately $4,000, police said, but the man said he had never physically seen the child.

By obtaining vital statistics and information from Child Protective Services and the DMV, police were able to determine that "Kenzie Dunbar" and "Hudson Liston," the alleged child, did not exist. After obtaining the registration number for the vehicle Korzun used to drive to the man's house to get money, police were led to Korzun.

The man confirmed to police that the DMV picture for Korzun was the woman allegedly named "Brittany Johnson," who had came to his house to get money for the child.

Korzun admitted to police that she prepared the babysitting agreement and will and testament because she "just wanted a friend." She also admitted to police that she knew what she was doing was wrong.

Korzun is charged with one count of felony obtaining money, property, and services by false pretenses.

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