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Clarksburg Residents Create Community Garden To Grow Their Own Plants

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The party was underway Saturday afternoon on Monticello Avenue in Clarksburg as the new Margaret McCoy Community Garden welcomed residents.  

The new garden took shape thanks to a partnership between the Harrison County Family Resource Network and Waste Management, as well as residents like Mateen Abdul-Aziz, who said he wanted to see how he could help the area he grew up in.

"Well, because I grew up in this area, and I want to do everything I can to make this area better.  The area was kind of at rock bottom at one time, so we're trying to put it on a comeback," Abdul-Aziz said.

Waste Management donated another $5,000 to see the project become a reality.  The money comes from a series of grants awarded nationally, and company officials said it's just the kind of project they look for.

"We always like environmental-based and beautification projects, and this is obviously a very large one, and it's getting influential in its community so we were happy to partner with them," said Amanda Marks-Cunningham.

But it's turned into more than just a simple garden.  While residents of Monticello Avenue are already seeing some tomatoes ready to pick, the garden is serving a second purpose for the area.

"We thought we were just planning a garden, but what its turned into is a place where people feel safe, where they can go and hang out and be with other community people.  It gives people some sense of hope, and some sense of what community really means," said Elizabeth Shahan, executive director of the Harrison County FRN.

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