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Mini Horse Auction Draws Crowd In Weston

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Dozens of people gathered on the steps of the Lewis County Courthouse in Weston Friday morning for one of the more unique public auctions held in the county.  After being seized eight months ago, public officials held an auction for 57 miniature horses and donkeys.  The auction attracted buyers from around the state, and even as far as Ohio.  Bidder James Knepper said he was happy to see the condition the animals were now in.

"We went to the sale barn today and checked the m all out early this morning, and they were exactly what the officer told me and what I'd heard over the phone," said Knepper.

Many of the bidders ended up purchasing multiple horses, including those mares that has since given birth to one of ten foals.  County humane officer Deputy Ed Clark said he expects the animals will be going to places where they'll be well cared for, and not to someone's backyard.

"I don't believe little Susie would just have a horse trailer sitting out back.  And 9 times out of 10, people aren't going to bid money for a horse that they're just going to neglect," Clark said.

That's not to say some kids may not be working with animals. Knepper is from Amish Country in Ohio, and many of his horses go to Amish families to help teach their kids how to properly raise animals.

"They're a little bit of a novelty, but they get homes.  A lot of them go to homes with younger children, and they teach them how to drive, and we break some to drive, and maybe not so much to show, but to ride," Knepper said.

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