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WBOY Participates In Nationwide Volunteering Campaign

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As WBOY celebrates Founder’s Day with its parent company, Nexstar, its stations across the country participated in service projects.

WBOY partnered with the American Red Cross on Friday to install these devices for residents who need them.

"It’s lifesaving. This can literally save an entire family's life by installing one, up to five smoke alarms in their home," said WBOY anchor Gretchen Ross, who helped to install smoke alarms in Clarksburg’s North View area on Friday.

Clarksburg resident Ashley Gallo allowed us to install one in her home.

"It’s pretty nice because ours obviously needed a battery and didn't even work," Gallo said.

Going door to door is part of a nationwide initiative for the American Red Cross.

"Our goal is to reduce home fire fatalities by 25% within five years," said Carisa Collins, Executive Director of the American Red Cross of Northeast West Virginia.

They are using lithium battery alarms, which means they do not need to be replaced for ten years, with no new batteries required. Older alarms could stop working sooner.

"We always tell people that have nine volt battery smoke alarms that you should replace the batteries when you change your clocks so, twice a year change those batteries," Collins said.

We also instructed families on the importance of having a plan to get outside, in case that alarm does go off.

"You need to have at least two ways to escape a room within your house so that's the big thing and to go over with the children, hey, ‘this is our fire safety plan in case the home catches on fire’, so these kids know how to escape their home safely," Ross said.

Call the American Red Cross at 1-844-216-8286 and a representative can help you install a device for free.

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