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Kroger Employee Goes Above and Beyond for Mom in Need

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 Two weeks ago, Sonny Delfyette, a man who lives in New York realized his mom was in serious need after undergoing a medical procedure for her diabetes.

Once she got home she didn't have any food to maintain healthy sugar levels. Sonny began to worry about his mom and tried to buy groceries from the Warwood Kroger, online; something the store isn't capable of doing.

So he called and spoke to the store's manager.

"I called the store to see if I could maybe buy the groceries over the phone," said Delfyette. "and Sam said, 'I'm sorry we can't do that either, what's going on?' and I told him, you know, 'that she was at a dangerous level and she really needed some food'; so he said; 'is it okay if I just get her some bread and some of the basic staples, I'll pay for it myself'. I said 'yes, chuckling, how can I repay you?' and he said 'Don't worry about it.' "

The good deeds didn't stop there. Sam went on to have one of his employees deliver the food to the woman in her time of need.

Then on Christmas Eve, Sam had a hot meal sent to woman also.

Delfyette says he's very grateful for Sam going the extra mile to help his mom.

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