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One King Sports Holds Barbour County Mud Run

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People from all around the area gathered at the Barbour County Fairgrounds on Saturday morning for the first One King Mud Run.  The new event sent people running through plenty of water and plenty of mud, an experience that was a first for some runners.

"Just to have fun and to experience it, and to have something to do with my son here.  We have a new little baby so sometimes we don't get to do a lot, just he and I," said runner Karen MacDonald.

Fun is a major part of the event, but it's also going to serve a bigger cause.  The run was organized by One King Sports, a group that hopes to reach out and change athletics in the Harrison County area.

"We want to build a gym in Harrison County for the youth sports.  We want to do sports a little differently than how they're doing, as well as basketball skills and baseball skills," said Mark Bland, one of the organization's four founders.

Bland said they've already been working with a dedicated group of volunteers to make the mud run a reality, but the support from the community is going to make a difference for them as well.

"It has been amazing.  I think when we first started out we had over 400 and some people registered, and today alone, I don't even know the number, but I bet we sent 700 people on the course today, so it's been an amazing response," Bland said.

There's no exact dates in the works right now; Bland said the organization is raising money for a piece of land to build on, and proceeds from the run will go a long way to making that happen.

"That's our first phase one, and then the next stage is building, so that's where we're at right now.  After the mud run, we're going to have I think enough funds to be looking for that land, so that's where we're at," said Bland.

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