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Murray Energy to Sue Obama Administration for "Illegal Political Power Grab"

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Murray Energy Corporation announced August 3 that it will continue with five lawsuits against the Obama Administration's unlawful Clean Power Plan.

Energy policies within every state would need to change due to the new rule, increasing the cost of electricity for citizens. 

"The proposed two year delay in the implementation of EPA's anticipated carbon regulations is irrelevant," said Mr. Robert E. Murray, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Murray Energy. "American families and businesses will still bear the brunt of huge electricity cost increases and less power system reliability. What the proposed two year delay does assure is an extremely destructive and costly 'balloon payment' in 2022."

Murray Energy seeks to block illegal rulemaking.

"Our citizens on fixed incomes will not be able to pay their electric bills, and our manufacturers of products for the global marketplace will not be able to compete," said Murray. "We have no choice but to challenge the Obama Administration's illegal actions in court, and we will prevail." 

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