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Doddridge County Middle School Students Benefit from 1-to-1 Computer Initiative

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The one-to-one computer initiative was established at Doddridge County Middle School last year. Every student now has their own tablet that they can use in every class.

“Even the gym class uses them. They have an app called ‘Lifesum' where the students keep track of food intake, exercise, calories, the whole thing,” explained Terry Moss, Technology Integration Specialist.

The initiative was started at the beginning of last year and Moss said it was very successful.

“It's just been awesome. I see more where the teachers are no longer are standing in the front of the classrooms talking, the students are online, they're learning, they're doing, they're creating. Really the students are more involved in the learning; they're being active and not just sitting back listening to teachers,” Moss explained.

The teachers agree, seventh grade science teacher Melanie Richards said she incorporates the tablets almost daily, and said it elevates her students' level of learning.

“It gives them access to a different level of learning that they can do in their normal classroom. We have access to labs and things, but we can't spend all of our time out of the classroom,” said Richards. “What better way to access education than to carry your resource with you all the time. The kids love them and the teachers love them.”

With parents permission the students even get to take the tablets home with them.

Moss said the tablets give all the students an opportunity to learn from the latest information.

“If you look at our textbooks some of them might be eight to 10 years old. Things change and with this they can get the latest and get to interactive websites. We're going to start going to online books so they don't have to carry all these books around and everything is right there,” Moss explained.

This year the one-to-one computer initiative is being implemented at the high school, the tablets will be given out next week.


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