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Senate Bill 209 Allows Special Needs Students to Graduate with Peers

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A reception was held at West Virginia University Monday evening, and Bryan Moore was presented with a token of appreciation for being the inspiration behind Senate Bill 209.

“I invited the Moore family here tonight, in honor of Senate Bill 209, which Governor Tomblin signed in July here in Morgantown,” said Senator, Robert Beach. “The Moore family couldn't make it then, so I decided to have them come tonight as a little celebration.”

Senate Bill 209 now allows special needs students to graduate with their class and still attend the three extra years of post graduate study.

Before the law, in Monongalia County, it was either graduate with your peers or attend the extra schooling. You could not do both.

Bryan's parents and students that attended Clay Battelle High School with him felt this was an injustice.. so they put together a petition to say they felt he earned the right to graduate with his class.

“Every student signed the petition, so they were all behind Bryan and knew what he had to go through to be able to attend the graduation that night. Like my husband said they gave him a standing ovation and a special medal of citizenship,” said Bryan's Mother, Carlene Moore.

“Like I explained to the senators and delegates to a special needs child, graduation from high school is probably one of the biggest days they ever experience in their life, for you and I it will be just another day 20 years from now,” said Bryan's Father, Todd Moore. “But for Bryan, it will be a big day forever.”

Bryan graduated from Clay Battelle High School in 2013 with all of his peers, and his parents said it was the happiest day of Bryan's life.

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