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University Police At WVU Introduce New Phone App

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Classes are back in session at West Virginia University and this year University Police have implemented LiveSave, a new phone application aimed at keeping students safe.

The purpose is to provide students with an easier way to contact officials in an emergency situation. Chief of Police, Bob Roberts, hopes this will help students feel safe.

"I'm hoping that it will give them an opportunity to feel safe and get involved and engaged. If they're out and they see a light that's out they can report that. If they see cracks in sidewalks or those kind of things they can report those safety issues so we can get those addressed," said Roberts.

The app allows students to text the police without having to worry about finding the number and making a phone call. Students are excited about the convenience it has provided.

"Students now days, we are so much in a rush we can't even take the time to make a phone call. So if you do use this system, I feel like more crimes could be prevented this way," said Student, Tiet Tran.

Officials and students both agree that it's important to keep up with changes in technology.

According to Roberts, "If you don't change you loose that communication and communication is critical whether it be in crimes or emergencies. We need to get the communication quickly and effectively and I think that this is an effective way to do that."

"It just works for this day and age. I mean calling is a thing of the past. I don't think I've even called anyone for the past week and a half. Even my parents, we're even texting and I told them about the app and they thought that it was amazing that everyone's adapting to the 21st century," said Tran.

The app is free of charge and works on any smart phone device. Students can download it right off the home page on the University Police website.

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