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Common Core Critics Held Forum in Bridgeport

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There's no common ground when it comes to Common Core; supporters love the new learning standards and opponents think it will hurt students. Common Core is a set of expectations for what students should be able to do at each grade level to be college and career ready.

The standards have become a hot-button topic nationally and Sunday, local opponents argued the standards take away local control from school boards, teachers, and parents.

"It really is the loss of local control and when we loss that over our education; we are going to lose control over what our children are being taught," said Angie Summers, WV Against Common Core.

Nearly 200 Legislators, education leaders, and parents all came together for a public forum on the Common core standards. The Common Core is a set curriculum from grades K through 12 in math and language arts that have been voluntarily adopted by 44 states. Noted critic Dr. Sandra Stotsky who served on the validation committee said the standards are only hurting the state.

"They are far too weak for West Virginia's future. You have an economic future ahead of you, if you can produce high school students capable of going into the engineering schools or the technical training programs, that will be available by the new gas and oil industries that are coming to your state already," said Dr. Sandra Stotsky, Professor of Education Emerita at University of Arkansas.

Dr. Stotsky also added schools need standards and teachers need to be able to teach those standards. However, she believes the common core standards were not properly scrutinized and for her this is personal.

"I happen to be concerned about all children, I have grandchildren in several different states and I happen to like this country", said Dr.Stotsky.

Some parents said their children are frustrated by the new teaching methods. Other parents said their children are flourishing academically.

Opponents encourage lawmakers and parents to get involved and learn all they can about the standards. For more information on Common Core, click here.

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