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More than 350 Cookbooks Displayed in Memory of James Larosa

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Those who knew real estate developer James Larosa best say he was a food connoisseur, but on Sunday, his legacy lived on, as his cookbook collection was on display to the public.

The exhibit showcased more than 350 cookbooks, and chefs from area restaurants prepared samples of Larosa's favorite dishes.

Family members said the Italian Heritage Festival is the perfect time of year to keep his memory alive.

"He, and several other individuals here in town, got together and put the board together and had their meetings here in downtown Clarksburg and began the tradition," said son Jimmy Larosa.

"He has this amazing collection of cookbooks, but he never cooked. He was pretty savvy at finding some of the wonderful women of this community, some of the Italian women, and he would even come to me with the cookbooks and the recipes and say, 'Would you please make this for me?'" said Leighann Larosa, James' daughter-in-law.

"Not many people knew Jim Larosa, the food expert. They all knew him as a philanthropist, a builder and all of these things," said family friend Rosalyn Queen Alonso.

Larosa passed away last February at the age of 87.
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