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Miracle Meadows School Employees to Face Additional Charges

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The investigation continues on the Miracle Meadows School in Salem.  Additional arrest warrants and criminal complaints were served on Friday, according to a press release from Harrison County prosecutor Joseph F. Shaffer.

On August 19, a letter was filed by the West Virginia Department of Education that said the school's exemption status had been revoked.

Susan Gayle Clark of Pennsboro is charged with failure to report, obstruction of a law enforcement officer during an investigation, knowingly making false statements to law enforcement, child neglect resulting in injury, and child neglect causing injury. She's an administrator of Miracle Meadows School.

According to a criminal complaint, on August 19, authorities said Clark made false statements to investigating officer, Sergeant R.G. Waybright.  Sgt. Waybright went to the Miracle Meadows School with a warrant to search for students that may have been removed from the premises. Upon arrival, Clark said she did not know where any of the children were and “that was their parents' responsibility.” She denied any of the students to be in the school's possession.  Two boys were later found in the custody of Clark's husband and six girls were found at a Seventh Day Adventist church near the couple's residence.

Clark also admitted to having knowledge of sexual misconduct in the boys' dormitories. She revealed this in a statement during a board of director's meeting for the school on May 18, 2014.  However the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources has no evidence of reports filed by the board during this time frame.

Timothy Arrington, a teacher at Miracle Meadows School, has been charged with three counts of child abuse creating risk of injury. Arrington was taken into custody on August 14 after police received reports of possible abuse to children at the school.

Arrington handcuffed two male students and had them secured in a “quarantine room” overnight. This happened on two separate occasions.  One of the boys was put into a choke hold until he was unconscious. On the other occasion, a student was found the next day with bloody wrists after Arrington put him in the handcuffs.  Arrington admitted to both of these incidents being true.

Another criminal complaint said that Arrington had allegedly locked another student in the “quarantine room” and told him to remove his clothing with the exception of his undergarments.  Arrington admitted to a WVDHHR employee that this action was a “personal decision to make life less crazy” for the student and would return the clothing when "he changed his story."

Clark was reportedly aware of these incidents and practices, and told WVDHHR employees that “she had a talk” with Arrington and failed to exercise action to care and assure student safety at the school.

Clark and Arrington are both facing jail time.  The Harrison County Sheriff's Department is continuing the investigation. More charges may be pending.

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