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City, Businesses Welcome Students Back To Philippi

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Downtown Philippi is slowing starting to fill up this week as more and more students arrive for another semester of classes at Alderson Broaddus University. City officials said they're happy to welcome the students each year, and often get a nice boost from their return.

"As far as the city of Philippi, we welcome all new residents here, and it does increase our utility system here where new customers come in for about a two or three week period as the student-athletes come in, and then as the general population of the students come in," said City Clerk Tammy Stemple.

City officials aren't the only ones excited to see students come back. Area businesses look forward to the end of summer, when residents are back from vacation, and more than a thousand extra customers are in town to see what they have to offer.

"This is our better time of the year. Summertime, everybody leaves, so when winter comes and the school starts back up, we have all of the students as well as their families on some occasions, and it's good for business," said Smokey Ray's Tommy Ray Jones.

Stemple said the rest of the community is also glad to have the students back. New construction and renovations over the past few years at ABU have been just as exciting to the town as to the school.

"The city and most everybody I know looks forward to it. They're excited about the new sports venues up there at the college. There's a lot of community support for ABU, so we definitely look forward to all the students coming back," Stemple said.


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