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Students Learn and Have Fun at the Doddridge County Fair

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Doddridge County students got to have a day at the Doddridge County Fair where they not only had a good time, but they also got to learn all of the subjects they normally would during a school day.

"We just had some parents comment earlier that even though the carnival rides are on top of the hill the kids aren't even paying attention to that today. We have so much going on to interest them and engage them academically that it's neat to see them not want to go over to that part of the fair but actually happy with what we are doing here,” explained Jeff Harvey, the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for Doddridge County Schools.

While at the fair, students rotated through different areas, which each focused on a different subject.

"There are a lot of great math and science lessons going on throughout the entire exhibits that they are coming through. They are learning about feed conversion of animals and how much feed it takes for an animal to gain one pound on a daily rate,” Shannon Boswell explained.

High School FFA Advisor Boswell said they took the young students to the barn where the high school 4-H students had their animals, to teach them how to evaluate those animals, and also about comparisons.

"They're taking the animals on the scale and seeing how many students it would take to weight the same amount as the different species of animals that we have,” Boswell said.

The students also focused on social studies, language arts, science, and reading.

Parents Melanie Britton and Kristi McDonough both agree that the 'day at the fair' is a great opportunity for students.

"I think it's a great experience that Doddridge County Board of Education has decided to incorporate this, since we started school last week it's a great lesson,” said McDonough.

Britton is also involved in 4-H, and said she thinks it's a good idea for the students to get out to the fair and learn about farming and agriculture.

"I think it's important the school system be involved in the fair. A lot of kids may not get to come out and experience the fair so it's a wonderful opportunity for those kids that wouldn't get to come out and experience the farming aspect of that,” Britton explained.

Both the elementary and middle school students got to learn at the fair.


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