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Statewide Mobile App Helps Law Enforcement, Residents Fight Crime

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A mobile app developed by the West Virginia Prosecutor's Institute is serving as a liaison between law enforcement and residents without having to dial 911.

The West Virginia Help app is a statewide initiative created by the West Virginia Prosecutor's Institute.

"We all have Smart Phones these days, just about, and you could be out on a call, out on a case, an investigation, and need to call someone. Well, you don't have that number with you - what are you going to do? You may end up calling five or six people before you get that number. If you have this app, you're going to have every number you'll ever need," said Sgt. Adam Scott from the West Virginia State Police Crimes Against Children Unit.

Scott said the app is primarily used by law enforcement but can be beneficial to the public as well.

"Initially, it got started because of us, because of Crimes Against Children cases, but then it grew and grew and grew in the idea. It has resources and numbers for hospitals in your area, federal agencies like FBI or US Marshals, every state police detachment, every Crimes Against Children unit office. You name it, any resource you would need in law enforcement, the numbers are on there and their addresses," said Scott.

The app breaks down each area by county and even offers a mapping feature to help get users to their location.

"You'll press the county that you're looking for, for the resource number, and it'll give you all the listings that'll pop up for you. All you got to do it touch it, it'll actually call it for you. You don't have to write the number down," said Scott.

Scott said a few bugs still need to be worked out but overall the app is a great tool, especially for those who use it frequently.

"If you have a certain amount of numbers that you call commonly, you can save it to your favorites on there as well," said Scott.

The app is free for both iPhone and Android users. 

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