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Vendors, Junior Livestock Sellers Prep for Busy Week at the Taylor County Fair

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The gates to the Taylor County Fairgrounds opened Monday night for the first time since 2008, and the carnival and rides debuted Tuesday night. Volunteers behind the scenes prepared for the big kickoff and the rest of this week's events.

"We were really little the last time we got to come, and it's just different. It's really cool," said Lauren Johnson.

As of Tuesday. the junior livestock participants - both animals and their handlers - are ready for theiclose upup.

"Today, we get to take our pictures at 2. We have to get them get cleaned up and everything and get on our nice clothes so we can get our picture with them," said Morgan Johnson.

And while that wasn't the easiest of tasks, the 66th edition of the Taylor County Fair has brought out some of the best livestock in our area.

"Blue is a Blue Butt. He's really nice and playful and likes to play with the other pigs, and he likes marshmallows," said Morgan.

"It's mostly us working with our animals and putting countless time in to make a business and have fun," said Frankie Spring.

Spring and his fellow sellers aren't the only ones with a busy week up at the Fairgrounds. Food vendors served breakfast to volunteers Tuesday morning as they slaved away in the kitchen, prepping for the rush that's sure to come through those gates.

"We love our new facility. It's all together, and it makes it very unique. I've heard a lot of comments about how well everything's been put together, and I think it's going to be good," said Pat Wyer of the Taylor County 4-H Leaders Association.

The Junior Livestock Show will be held on Saturday night. For a complete list of events, visit the Taylor County Fair's website.

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