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Restaurant Road Trip: Julios Cafe

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Julios Café has been a staple on Baltimore Avenue in Glen Elk since 1967. Since then it has been owned and operated by three generations, but the recipes and the décor haven’t changed.

“It was my grandfather, on my father’s side, his name was Frank Iaquinta, and he opened it 48 years ago this August. My brother and I are the third generation,” explained Costanza Iaquinta, co-owner of Julios.

Brother and sister Costanza and Joseph Iaquinta are in the process of learning the classic recipes that their grandmother perfected.

“My grandmother loved to cook, we had amazing recipes and he wanted to pass that along to other people. The dining room has not changed one bit,” Iaquinta said.

And neither has that Italian cuisine.

”Joseph and I are trying to master them one-by-one every week.”

Both the Iaquintas cook, and are learning the classic recipes from Maria Pasceri. a chef at the restaurant.

Their father Joe Iaquinta is the chef every night for dinner, and their mother Pam Iaquinta is the head waitress.

From the cuisine to the customer service, every aspect has a family atmosphere.

“You only have to come once and you are automatically family. My mom and I are on the floor constantly so if we see you we always recognize you and it’s like a family reunion every time you come in,” Iaquinta explained.

Regular customer Rod Rogers agrees.

“Once you are here they know you on a first name basis, you are truly part of the Julios family,” Rogers said.

Rogers said he stops at Julios multiple times a week, and his favorite dish is a signature dessert.

“My favorite would be the raspberry gateau dessert. It’s hand-picked raspberries, with hand-whipped Bavarian cream, and homemade meringue shells,” explained Rogers.

Iaquinta said the wide variety of dishes all feature fresh ingredients.

“Our pasta of course is a specialty. Our marinara sauce is one of a kind. But we also have South African lobster tails, filet mignon cuts, and New York strip cuts. It’s a huge variety so whatever you are in the mood for we can cover it for you,” Iaquinta explained.

The Iaquinta family will be on vacation from August 16 to the 26 and the restaurant will be closed.

It will be open Thursday, August 14 and Friday, August 15.

It will be back open on August 26.

You can find Julios Café on Baltimore Avenue in the Glen Elk section of Clarksburg.

For more information on Julios click here.


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