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Presidential Candidate John W. Davis Acceptance Speech Anniversary Remembered in Clarksburg

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August 11 is a special day in Clarksburg history.

On Monday, 90 years ago in 1924, Clarksburg resident John W. Davis delivered his acceptance speech for the democratic nomination in the presidential election.

It was held on East Main Street in Clarksburg, and his acceptance speech holds a place in history.

“It was the first acceptance speech ever broadcast nationwide on the radio. Prior to that citizens would get their news from newspapers, news reels, magazines, and periodicals. You could say that Davis' speech being broadcast nationwide on the radio set the tone for future campaigns all throughout America up to this day,” explained Rod Rogers, a Davis historian.

That speech was broadcast on KDKA, and Rogers said the day was the rainiest of the year.

He also said newspapers reported there were more than 50,000 people in Clarksburg the weekend of the speech to see and support Davis.

Davis went on to lose the presidential election to republican incumbent Calvin Coolidge.


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