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WVU's Residents Assistants Prepare for Student Return With Safety Classes

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With students heading back to WVU in just over a week, the university is preparing for anything.

Resident Assistants or RA's completed a fire academy today at the Towers Complex.

RA’s learned about everything from bucket brigades, to smoke inhalation, and how quickly a fire can actually spread.

“We're the ones that can help the residents, get them out of the building, first a foremost and get ourselves out of the building. If there's something as small as a trash can fire we are able to put it out in order to prevent it from going any further. It is going to take between five and six minutes before the Morgantown Fire Department is able to make it out to us. It's our responsibility to protect the students,” Kyle Haugh, WVU Graduate Assistant.

All resident halls on campus have sprinkler systems and almost all of the furniture inside the dorms is flame retardant.

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