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User Fee Considered for Those Who Work in the City of Wheeling, WV

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The city of Wheeling, WV is looking into an idea other cities in West Virginia have already adopted — a "user fee" that would help the city keep a balanced budget and ideally save some city jobs.

Several community members have said the city should find another option to balance its budget before creating more taxes.

Wheeling City Councilman Ken Imer suggested the idea of a new tax that he hopes would save jobs in Wheeling along with trying to maintain a safe, efficient city, as well as maintaining a balanced budget.  

"I'm 78 years old and I've watched a lot of politics and a lot of tax raising in my time, and I could get the same solution from a second grader in school, that I get from the people on these boards and on these councils, because that's a no-brainer, just raise taxes," said Paul Patterson.

Other residents say an increase in taxes isn't something many in Wheeling feel will properly solve the issues facing the city.

"There is no reason that they should try to take the money from the public. We have so many taxes already, and surely they can get some money another way with deleting something else and not paying some of the officials as high of salaries as they get, because their salaries are far more than the ordinary person," said Marilyn Myers.

The fee would affect every person who works within Wheeling city limits, and workers would be responsible for paying a set dollar amount each week, which totals about $2 or $3 in other cities where it is currently being used, and could cost a worker about $144 annually.

Weirton, Charleston and Huntington already have similar taxes in place.

Council members Gloria Delbrugge and Herk Henry both support the idea of continuing to explore the tax.
Wheeling native and retired Wheeling firefighter, Gerald Jacovetty disagrees. "We keep losing population, and ... I don't know, there has to be  some other way to do this," Jacovetty said.

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