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RRT: Hash Browns and New Grounds

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‘Innovative Meals from Our Kitchen on Wheels,’ that’s the Hash Browns and New Grounds motto. Even though the name may sound like breakfast, owner Cody Thrasher said it means much more.

“In my mind hash browns, AKA fried potatoes, is the most basic safe thing. And the ‘New Grounds’ was trying to push a higher level of food, even if it is technique, for people to try,” Thrasher said. “We did Philly cheese steak egg rolls with beef tongue the other day, and when people tried it they loved it.”

The food truck is posted up at Campus Evolution Villages in Morgantown, Tuesday through Friday 5:30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

The apartment complex has been very welcoming, a few residents even stopped by the food truck early to see if Thrasher’s creations were ready to eat.

The menu is always different and easy to choose from. Tuesday, August 5, Thrasher served up chicken on a stick, hash browns (two regular items), beef tacos, and Feta cheese and grape egg rolls on top of a chicken salad.

Thrasher usually prepares and cooks the food himself. The Bridgeport native said it’s for good reason.

“I was tired of being an employee and wanted to be an employer. I can be a bit opinionated at times. So rather than having to bite my tongue, I can speak straight forward to myself rather than an actual boss,” Thrasher said with a laugh.

Elizabeth Stern is a new customer that’s heard about Hash Browns and New Grounds. Stern said she likes that Thrasher tries to use as much locally grown food as possible.

“One guy following his passion,” said Stern. “Local food, local guy, that’s what West Virginia has always been all about and I want to support that.”

Stern was very excited to finally try Hash Browns and New Grounds and was very pleased.

“It was delicious! I’ll be back tomorrow,” Stern said.

Hash browns and New Grounds can also be found at the Bridgeport Farmers Market on Sundays from 10 a.m.to 2 p.m. The food truck also caters private parties and events.

 Call (304) 641-1215 or email for more information.
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