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Cheat Lake Animal Hospital Begins Acupuncture Treatments

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Cheat Lake -

The Cheat Lake Animal Hospital has been in operation for 11 years. About five years ago they started rehabilitation services for animals to take advantage of after injury.

Rehab not only helps animals recover from surgery, but it's a vital part in preventing further injuries from occurring.

"It will prevent further injury and things that we worry about in rehab. One of the huge things is secondary issue on top of the main issue from not doing rehab. So those are things that we really think about," said Dr. Susan Dannis.

A lot of pet owners have enjoyed the rehab services so much, they continue to bring their animals back for maintenance appointments.

One dog in particular, Mrs. Be, has been coming to Cheat Lake Animal Hospital for about a year and a half since her latest surgery.

It hasn't taken her that long to recover, but the continues rehab makes her body even stronger.

The clinic has offered laser treatment, an underwater treadmill, and exercise balls for years.

The clinic is now excited to announce they will offer Acupuncture as well.

Acupuncture is the stimulation of a specific point on the body that helps decrease pain and stimulate function in the animal. It's beneficial to animals who suffer from many different conditions.

"Acupuncture can really help a lot of various conditions. Whether it is a dog that wont produce milk after they have puppies, or a dog that cannot walk whether it's acute or chronic condition," Dannis said.

Pet owners are excited for the new addition and said they are willing to do whatever they can to benefit their pets.

"I would do anything I could to benefit my cat and I have spent more than enough money doing things to help keep him around and happy and healthy for as long as I can," said Owner of Zen From Within, Melita Mollohan.

The Cheat Lake Animal Hospital is one of the few places in the area that performs Acupuncture for animals. They will begin to take appointments for Acupuncture in two weeks.

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