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12 Sports Weekly Golf Tip: Uneven Lies

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In our final two Weekly Golf Tips segments, Russell Reid from The Pines Country Club helps us play uneven lies. In part one we focus on lies where the ball is above or below your feet.

"Hills are great ways to physically change your golf swing without you having to think, because if I put a ball lower than your golf swing, it will force you to swing more up an down, and if I put a ball above your feet it will force you to swing more round and flatten out your golf swing," said Reid.

Reid said the most important thing when playing uneven lies is to not fight the hill. Shoulders should always match the slope of the hill, and players should adjust their stances by always bending at the hips rather than the waste.

"When the ball is below your feet, if I make my normal posture and swing, I'm going to miss the ball," he said. "We don't want to get lower by bending at the knees but at the hips. So we tilt more which makes us swing more vertical.

When the ball is above your feet the swing is much flatter.

"This is a more merry-go-round or baseball swing. We have a ferris wheel on the ball below our feet and a merry-go-round when it's above. Again, it's just a flatter swing, so your just going to be more vertical with your torso, and your arms are going to swing more around your body."

Reid adds that up hill and down hill shots are all really about making your shoulders parallel to the slope and then swinging along that angled plane.

"Wherever the ground is taking you, with your body, don't fight it or go against it," he said, "Lean with it."

Putting the ball higher on hill, in either play, is also an important adjustment that helps keep your swing from slamming into the ground going up, or topping the ball going down. Speaking of going down the hill, Reid recommends not fighting gravity when swinging and if it takes a step to regain balance, do so.


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