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Flood Wall in Tucker County Concern to City and County Officials

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City and County officials in Tucker County are looking into options of fixing a flood wall that's starting to deteriorate.

Damage to a flood wall located in the Pulp Mill Bottom area in Parsons is a major concern in the eyes of city and county officials.

"Upon discovery of the hole, we went right to work notifying all the agencies, the governor's office, army corps of engineers, soil conservation agency, the NRCS. Together we're going to repair the hole in this dike," said Jason Myers, Parsons City Administrator.

The dike was rebuilt after the flood of 1985. This "diversionary" dike was built with large stones and boulders. The City of Parsons wasn't satisfied with the construction, so the West Virginia Conservation Agency agreed that a water tight application needed to be built over the rocks and boulders.

The city took ownership of the property back in 2004 from a state grant. It now needs federal and state agencies to come together to conduct an evaluation and cost assessment on the whole dike. Once that's complete the project can move forward.

"The governor's office wants to know and some of our federal officials wants to to know how much it's going to cost, so that's the big question right now," Myers said.

Many residents fear having flashbacks of the flood of 1985 should the dike give way. Elected officials want to work together to help residents regain their sense of security again.

"More high water we get on this wall, the more sections are going to wash away. So it's a big concern for us and a big concern for our residents," Myers said.

"If it would fail, it would wipe the city of Parsons out, and I think that's everybody's concern to get it fixed as soon as we can," said Lowell Moore, Tucker County Commissioner.

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