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Test it Tuesday: The Pet Command

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 For this week's Test it Tuesday, I tried out the as seen on TV product, the "Pet Command".

The idea is that the Pet Command will stop your dog from barking, and can teach it new tricks.

The product has two settings, training and bark control. 

I tested it out on my dog, Bailey. 

She didn't react at all to the Pet Command, even when I put it on the highest setting. 

It didn't work when she pulled on the leash, when she barked, or when I called her.

Her ears didn't even perk up, which was the least of my expectations.

I also tried it out on a smaller dog, Charlotte, who is still a puppy.

She also has no reaction to the Pet Command.

I went to All Pets Clinic in Nutter Fort and spoke to the veterinarian there, Jennifer Canfield. 

She suggested that even if you could find a product like this that did work, she would not recommend it.

"It's purely negative reinforcement, and it's not very consistent. It's one of those things that they don't tend to respond well to. It just scares them briefly. It's not an effective way to change behavior."

Even if you would want to try something like this out for your pet, the Pet Command is not the right product. 

If you have a product you'd like to see tested out, email Katie at kdugan@wboy.com

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