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Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department Explains Meaning Behind Different Colored Fire Hydrants

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Once a year the Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department goes out and tests and paints every fire hydrant in the town, and the color they paint them has a meaning.

Some have red tops, some yellow, and some green, and it all means something different.

“Most of the ones you see in Nutter Fort along Buckhannon Pike are green tops, and that means we have up to 1,499 gallons. From 1000 gallons to 1499 gallons that flow is what will come out of that hydrant,” explained Jeremy Haddix, the Nutter Fort Fire Chief.

Haddix said the main base color doesn’t mean anything, but the top and cap color is what matters.

The fire department is also working on marking each hydrant with the PSI, or Pounds per Square Inch.

“Additionally on the caps we will have another color marking which is going to show how much PSI, how much pressure is coming out of that hydrant to give you that flow,” Haddix said.

Haddix said every city and town have the same color coding system, and he said that can be helpful when there’s a fire.

“When you get a big fire or a big fire load it will tell you which hydrants you can hit, what’s your best hydrant, which one is giving the best pressure, can we hit two on the same side or do we need to go grab one from a different location to pull in to get extra water,” Haddix explained.

In addition to painting hydrants, the fire department was testing each one and entering its information into a GPS system.

“The GPS coordinates will help out with our mapping system. We can put those coordinates right into the mapping system and you will know exactly where the hydrants are, where they flow, what the PSI is, and you’ll always have GPS coordinates,” said Haddix.

The Nutter Fort Volunteer Fire Department will continue to test and paint hydrants in town the rest of this week.


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