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Motorcycle Safety Course Educates Riders

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Rick Chaplin started teaching the basic rider course 10 years ago, it's a course in rules of the road but also safety gear. The helmet is a must have accessory for all bikers.

Chaplin said, "The helmet protects your head and brain. Just pretend you have an egg and drop it; that's your head hitting the pavement. Plus, the motorcycle gloves are padded in particular areas. If you go down and you hit the pavement you won't get road burn."

If your gear doesn't fit right you'll be uncomfortable and distracted, but it's not just bikers who need to take extra precaution on the road. When changing lanes and turning, look for traffic, then look again for bikers.

Road safety is a Chaplin family value. After seeing what an impact Rick is making in road safety, his daughter is now joining in the effort.

"I've seen a lot of people make bad decisions, just because they don't know. This class will teach people to be aware on the road," said Chelsy Chaplin.

The Basic Rider Course encourages operators of all vehicles to constantly be aware of their surrounds and to be extra cautious of approaching motorcycles. 

For more information on the West Virginia Motorcycle Safety Programs, click here.

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