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Salem Family Expresses Concerns Over Neighbor's High Grass

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Tall weeds, knee high grass, and pests are some of the characteristics that describe the Fluharty’s neighbor’s yard on Front Street in Salem.

Scott and Amanda Fluharty and their children moved into their home three years ago.

When they first moved in they noticed a problem with their neighbor’s yard, but tried to help fix it.

“I tried to help the neighbors and clean up around here. I mowed various properties for the neighbors, but they don’t want to help themselves,” said Fluharty.

Fluharty said after he and his sons cleaned up the yard, there was no effort made by the neighbors to keep it up.

Since that time the grass and weeds have been growing.

“We helped that first summer we were here, but it’s been two years now since it has been touched,” Fluharty said.

The Fluharty’s said that the knee high grass, and the weeds have caused both snakes and rats to come into their yard, and cause some problems.

“We’ve killed several snakes, we’ve had rats. We had one rat that chased our English Bulldog to the house. It was the size of a groundhog, that’s what I thought it was. The tail on it was about 18 inches long,” explained Fluharty.

The Fluharty’s said they have tried to make contact with the city of Salem about the problem but nothing has been done.

“They tell us their hands are tied, I don’t know what that means. But in city limits, you are to warn them, and then fine them, then to have the city crews mow it and add it to their water bill. It’s a simple procedure all they need to do is follow it,” Fluharty said.

Calls to the city of Salem from 12 News went unreturned, but the town of Nutter Fort has similar regulations, and procedures for how to handle the situation.

“A lot of times we’ll mail a letter, then a knock at the door. If that doesn’t work we have to take action and send public works crews in to cut the grass and then try to recoup our losses on that,” explained Nathan Rohrbough, Mayor of Nutter Fort.

The Fluharty’s said they just want help from the city.


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