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Clarksburg City Council Disuses Ordinance to Adopt State Building and Fire Code

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Clarksburg City Council read an ordinance to adopt state code and its supplemental regulations, building permits, and to amend the ordinances from "Building Code" to "Code Administration."

Clarksburg City Attorney, Greg Morgan, said the ordinance will repeal certain sections of previous ordinances. One of the repealed ordinances is one that said "whatever the most current building codes are that have been adopted by the sate fire marshals code we adopt them and incorporate them by reference." He also said this will address some of the specific objections they’ve seen to reach a resolution with the Fire Marshals office.

The new ordinance if passed will re-enact the code appeals board going back to five members.

“It means we’re operating under the state building code even though we passed an ordinance in 2003 and then submitted our acceptance letters for all the building code chances. This just satisfies the changes that have been made that we have accepted them, and they become part of the building code, we have adopted the state building code even though we have done so previously by via letter now we’re doing it as an ordinance and it will be documented,” said Mayor Cathy Goings, Clarksburg.

Clarksburg City Council also passed and adoption an amendment to the resident requirement that requires all people seeking employment in the police department be a resident of Harrison County, or become a resident within 90 days upon completion of the one year probationary period.


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