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Test it Tuesday: The Aero Knife

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For this week's Test it Tuesday, WBOY's Katie Dugan went to the Pierpont Culinary Academy.  Natalie Watson, a student, helped put the Aero Knife to the test.

The main issue that we kept noticing was the rough edge of the Aero Knife kept snagging on tomatoes.  Natalie said that she felt she had more control with her regular chef's knife than she did with the Aero Knife.

One problem that Natalie said she has is boiled potatoes crushing when she tries to cut them, so we tested to see if the Aero Knife could help.  Natalie said that she preferred the Aero Knife to her regular chef's knife when she was cutting potatoes. 

When it came to cutting up zucchini, Natalie said she preferred her regular chef's knife.  But, she liked it better when cutting cheese, since it's lighter.

Overall, Natalie said that the Aero Knife may be helpful in your kitchen for cutting tomatoes and cheese, but she prefer's her chef knife because she has more control. If you have a product you'd like to see tested out, email me at kdugan@wboy.com

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