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Safety Tips Around Downed Power Lines

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Severe storms can bring high winds to knock down trees, branches and power lines. High voltage power lines carry power from plants to homes. The Nutter Fort fire department wants to remind everyone that power lines are not insulated, so touching one can cause severe injury or death.

Tom Rohrbough, retired Nutter Fort Fire Chief said,  "anytime you see a power line down, approach it has if it's alive. You want to stay away from it, i it's damp ground you want to make sure you are at least 30 feet away. If there is someone down or injured call 911, let the fire department guys come in and remove the patient."

Officials said being in a car is safer than being on foot, but that does not mean you are totally safe from harm. If a wire falls on your car, stay in the car, do not touch anything and call and wait for help.
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