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TALA Debuts Zombie Paintball

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The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum is well-known for its haunted house every year around Halloween. Now it hopes to add another attraction to the list with the grand opening of paintball...but not just any paintball. This is Zombie Paintball. The idea started several months ago among haunted house staff members.

"We do the haunted house-type conventions, and this is starting to become a little more popular around the country, and we didn't have anything like this near Weston or in Weston, so we thought it would be something fun to bring to the area," said organizer Michelle Graham.

The ride itself is simple: participants ride on the back of an army truck with paintball guns mounted to the sides. They drive through the asylum farmland and defend it from a zombie invasion. Asylum staff have been generating interest for the past few months, and its Facebook page has received thousand of likes and shares in the meantime from all types of people.

"People seem to be talking about it. I think it will appeal to families that may not want to do a haunted house or something that'll be scary, so it'll definitely be appealing to families that want to do something together," Graham said.

John Jordan has been putting the ride together and said there's been a lot to look forward to since the project began.

"From the conception of the idea to where it's getting ready to roll tonight, it's fairly exciting. I'm excited," said Jordan.

And for many of the people who will come to try their hand, it's something they've always wanted to do.

"How can you not enjoy riding on the back of an army truck shooting the undead? That's a dream come true!" Jordan said.

For more information, contact the asylum at (304) 269-5070. 

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