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Oil and Gas Equipment Show Held in Buckhannon

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The oil and gas industry plays a growing part in the state's economy. On Thursday, businesses got together to showcase what they know.

This is the seventh year the oil and gas equipment show has been held by the Independent Oil and Gas Association of West Virginia. IOGA President Jim McKinney said the show showcases the industry that supports the state.

"It's an opportunity for our producers, our vendors, the service providers to get together and display some of the new products or services they provide to our members, to network to learn more about their products and meet new customers," said McKinney.

IOGA has more than 700 member companies. The free show featured vendor exhibits on new technologies and what the industry does every day.

"We try to make it informative and educational as well as have an opportunity for the vendors to display their wares," McKinney said.

The advent of the Marcellus Shale has helped the industry thrive in recent years and industry leaders said they see it continuing to thrive for years to come.

"Your starting to see the first drilling for the Utica Shale formation here in West Virginia up in the northern counties, that would bring a second wave as well and we can't forget the many, many producers that are the conventional well producers. So the opportunity to thrive we have to safeguard those as well. So the industry is alive and strong," McKinney said.

Companies said it's important for them to share new technologies and the truth about the industry.

"It's a key part of our business now a days with oil and gas industry. Air Gas applies to atmospheric gas with BTU standards that we do for these compressor stations and so forth as well," said Mark Johnston, with AirGas.

The biggest advantage of the oil and gas industry leaders is the amount of jobs it brings to the area.

"Just one producer alone here in the state has over 14 rigs running over 6,000 jobs direct and in-direct to support that activity, and that's just one producer. So if we add all that together, it's a significant impact to the state's economy," McKinney said.

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