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MLB Donates Money To Complete Lewis County Project

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On Sunday afternoon, supporters of the Lewis Baseball Association gathered at the group's fields in Butchersville to receive a $25,000 grant from State Farm. That money will go toward a new indoor batting facility. On Wednesday, the good news continued with the announcement of a $50,000 grant from Major League Baseball; that's enough to complete the structure and make a big difference for Lewis County players.

"The players can go and practice in the wintertime or the offseason, where they have a facility that will enable them to enhance their skills or improve on them, be it, batting, pitching, sliding, the whole nine yards," said the Association's treasurer Regina Frazier.

Adults in the groups are excited to begin work, and the players are excited, too. Luke White said the new facility will allow him and other kids to practice year-round and stay close to home.

"I'm really looking forward to going to the batting cages. It's a really big building, it can help us a lot. It has two pitching mounds so you can do lessons and improve your pitching and hitting skills," said White.

Frazier said they won't have long to wait to begin work. The remainder of the costs will be covered by donations from the community. Once the money comes from MLB, she expects to have the facility ready for this season.

"We can begin whenever major league issues the funds which will hopefully be in the middle of August, and we can start work and hopefully have it finished by late in October," Frazier said.

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