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Star City Firefighters Take the "Hotshots 19" CrossFit Challenge to Honor Fallen Firefighters

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CrossFit is quickly becoming the top training program for our law enforcement, military, and fire fighters.

One workout called Hero WOD’s has high levels of intensity and Star City Firefighter's put their body to the test to honor the 19 firefighters who lost their lives one year ago in Arizona.

“What we did honored 'Hotshots 19.' On June 30, 2013, 19 firefighters lost their lives on a hill in Arizona and we decided to honor that," said Ashley Anderson, owner of CrossFit Morgantown. "With CrossFit, they are big on military first responders and about community. Here at Cross fit Morgantown we are all about that, as well, so we invited the fire fighters to come over and do it with us.” 

“Usually, it is made up of a rep scheme to denote what day it is. Like today’s workout, it was for June 30, 2013. June being the sixth month there was six rounds. It started with 30 air squats to honor the 30th of that month, and 19 power cleans. One power clean to honor each of the fallen brothers. Then there was seven strict pull up, they denoted what station they were from, along with a 400 to break up each round,” said Jeff Giosi, owner of CrossFit Morgantown.

As if the challenge wasn't tough enough, most firefighters did all of this in full firefighting gear. Giosi even took it up a notch and used the breathing apparatus.

“There’s a quote that is in the movie ‘Lone Survivor’ that anything worth doing is worth over doing. So if I'm going to honor 19 brothers and sisters, I'm going to do it the way I would want to be honored," said Giosi.

Giosi also said as long as you finish the workout, you are honoring the hero. It doesn't matter how long it takes you to complete it, just finish it in their honor.

"Our sweat didn't honor our heroes. We try to honor them in the way we live our life and remembering them in our hearts. I wanted to make sure the point was getting through the workout and doing it correctly. That is how we will honor the 19," said Giosi

"It is bigger than us. We are honoring those who gave their lives, so you just have to push through it. It was very humbling," adds Anderson.
CrossFit Morgantown will have another challenge coming up on Friday, July 4. In addition to Hotshots 19, Hero WOD's all year round. Anyone is welcome to come participate or even just come show support. 
If you feel like you are up for the challenge, you can contact Giosi and Anderson for more information at

You can find more Hero WOD’s going on at
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