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Fairmont Residents Concerned as Water Runoff Causes Slippage Under I-79 Bridge

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A Fairmont woman has growing concerns about what she calls a "sinkhole" on her property.

Rhonda Moore lives right below the Interstate 79 bridge in Marion County. From the riverside, her home in Fairmont looks like a paradise of sorts. Moore, who has lived in the home since 2004, never had any problems until last year.

"I came home, and there was water that was flowing down underneath the bridge, and it was coming down into my garage, and since then we've been trying to maintain it," said Moore.

That maintenance, Moore said, means preventing the slippage from getting worse, and she's looking for help from the Division of Highways.

"There's a culvert that runs alongside of the bridge that carries the water from Route 250, and that culvert has collapsed. So now, all of that water is running right underneath of the bridge," said Moore.

Thousands of people travel on Interstate 79 every day, and Moore is concerned that this growing problem could put lives in danger.

"The people who are driving up on I-79, the bridge between Kingmont and the South Fairmont exit, it's getting washed away," said Moore.

The DOH says the road on which Moore's house was built, Hidden Lane, is a service road, not a county route, and since maintenance of such service roads are not something officials deal with regularly, the priority level on service roads is low. 

"They came out and looked at it, said they they would try to do something, but that they wouldn't make any promises. One time they put down some shell mixed with tar, I think it's called chip and tar, and that held just for a little bit. When you've got water that's coming off of a hill, that's supporting a major highway bridge, it's only going to get worse," said Moore.
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