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Test it Tuesday: One Second Needle

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For this week's Test it Tuesday I headed to the Classic Quilt Shop in Harrison County.

Shop employee, Janet helped me out with testing the One Second Needle. This product sparked my interest because I tend to sew on occasions to repair my clothes, but the hardest part is threading a needle.

After meeting with Janet, I found out I'm not alone and even professionals have this problem Janet wears two pairs of glasses to thread a needle.  We decided to try out the One Second Needle, that claims it can thread a needle easily.

Janet found that the One Second Needle does thread pretty easily. 

The commercial makes it seem very easy, and while it may be a little difficult to thread blindfolded, Janet was able to thread the One Second Needle with only one pair of glasses on.  One concern that Janet had was that since there is a grove in the needle (making it easy to thread) it may end up catching on the fabric and snagging it. But once Janet ran the One Second Needle through the fabric a few times, we found that it isn't an issue at all.

Janet also said that this product could come in handy for someone who makes quilts, like herself, who need to "bury the thread".

She gave the One Second Needle a thumbs up! 

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