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Simple Tips For Grilling Safety

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With the fourth of July weekend coming, many families will break out the grill to enjoy the occasion. And a few basic checks can help keep you safe this and every other weekend.

"If the whole underside of the burner is rusted and it's blowing fire out the bottom of it, definitely time to replace it. Other than that, usually just check things on a yearly basis, especially with all the windstorms we've had. A lot of it is where they've been knocked over," said Lowe's employee Jason Trader.

Trader said most modern grills now come with many safety features to avoid any accidents, but it's not the grill itself that's the source of most incidents. Checking both the grill controls and the condition of your gas canisters can alert you to leaks or other problems before they become an accident, much like you would for appliances indoors.

"Just checking the grill every so often to make sure there's no excessive corrosion, it's not fallen off the back porch, the kids haven't knocked it into the pool, all that. Primarily, what it is is that all the controls are the same type of controls you'd have on a gas appliance in your house," Trader said.

But maybe a gas grill isn't for you. Charcoal grills may not have all the lines and tanks to check, but Trader said disposal of the wood or charcoal used each time is just as important, and there are some simple ways to handle used coals.

"Usually, people will either let it burn completely down, or they'll go ahead and have a metal ash bucket. I know some people will have a metal ash bucket handy, put it in those and just put a small amount of water in it, and just cool the ashes immediately," said Trader. 

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