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State Farm Presents $25,000 Check to Lewis Baseball Association

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Some good news out of Lewis County on Sunday, where State Farm presented a $25,000 check to the Lewis Baseball Association to build a new indoor hitting facility.

More than three million votes poured in for the State Farm's Neighborhood Assist grant, which was a part of the county's "A Hit for LC Kids" campaign. That new facility will be heated, have Astroturf, and will be used by more than 500 youth players in the area.

"My wife's a teacher at Lewis County High School, and she was off sick, and I said to her, 'Why don't you try to get us some grant money?' She wrote this grant, it was 500 words, and we got $25,000, which we thought was a good deal," said John White of the Lewis Baseball Association.

"It helps the community because we can't hit outside when it's cold outside," said Sam Snider.

Construction will begin in August. The building will be located beside the West Virginia University Fire Academy in Butchersville.

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